Live Picture Show is a product of Carbon Creatures, a design firm out of Denver, Colorado.

Jim Hersey of Infusion Software is the lead developer on this project. Dan Chick is the project manager. Nancy Nguyen is our graphic artist and designed the logo.

Thanks to Frodo Alvarez and Jannis Sid for being our early testers.

The Story

Primarily a programmer and art photographer, Dan ended up shooting some photobooths for some live events. In the past, he'd shoot the images and share them later, once processed. This time he decided to give people immediate visual feedback and teamed up with Jim to built a barebones program to do live slideshows.

The first version was called iProjector but that version was only ever used by Dan, and later two friends. As the software got more and more use we decided to put some more time into it, to flesh out the feature set, and to release it to the world.

Still primarily an art photographer, Dan conceived of the studio light painting mode and that was added as well.